it's what's on the inside that counts

Custom built in the vision of traditional early 1900's ice cream carts, Haley's modern makeover creates a stunning look that naturally stirs curiosity. Her unrivaled conversation starting skills make her a great addition to any event.


Your guests will be talking about the delicious frozen treats she brings long after the party is over. With a reputation for being the life of the party Haley's ready to make your next celebration a night to remember.

no power? no problem

Haley is a completely self-sustained gelato cart with everything on board required to operate at any location. No external power source is required so no more noisy generators destroying the ambiance or ugly extension cables creating trip hazards and ruining your wedding photos.


It also means you can have your party literally anywhere - at the park, in a forest, on a mountain, in a desert, up a tree, on a dinghy. The possibilities are endless.

tight spaces? Haley's more flexible than your yoga instructor

'What do you mean you cant fit through a doorway?' You may ask this question a lot when trying to book a private gelato service - apart from when you speak to us. Haley has been designed with practicality in mind.


Despite always having a belly full of ice cream she's slim enough to fit through any standard single door frame or gate. Her folding frame also means she can squeeze into most lifts and manoeuver through the trickiest of spaces. And with big stable wheels a few steps here and there are usually no problem.


So if your event is to be accessed by what most would consider normal means (doors, gates, steps, lifts) then Haley's your girl - you wont find another gelato cart that can match her agility.