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we make parties's what we do

Our purpose is simple - to spread joy one scoop at a time. Enjoy the lavish touch of a free flowing gelato service at your next event. Scooping the finest artisan gelato from our beautiful gelato cart, its delicious silkiness always hits the spot!

Adding a unique flavour to any celebration, we’re committed to making your special day, that little bit more special. More than just a scoop and serve service, we bring character to your party and strive to help you craft your perfect day.  


With flexible packages to suit all occasions, big and small, we’re ready to make your next function the talk of the town. 


We look forward to bringing you Something Sweet.


once upon a time in sunshine coast...

Something Sweet Gelato was a dream developed by a man who wanted to put his energy into something that generated happiness. He wanted to create a sustainable business that focused on people and positive change over dollars and cents. A business that dealt exclusively in smiles and gave back to the communities in which it operated.

After countless hours of creative imaginings, attempting to combine his passions with viable business ideas, nothing seemed to be stacking up. Feeling somewhat defeated he looked down at the only thing bringing him joy in that moment - a silky smooth scoop of his favourite boysenberry gelato


His eyes grew wider until a light bulb suddenly beamed brightly above his head. He realised he'd stumbled on Something Sweet.

Our Story
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