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gelato or ice cream?

Australians love their frozen treats. We are among the biggest consumers of ice cream in the world. But ice cream is not the only frozen treat we like. As a matter of fact, at least here in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, Gelato is everyone’s favourite.

We have no doubt about that – we were convinced a long time back about Gelato replacing Ice Cream as the most popular frozen treat in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, which influenced our decision to start a Gelato Cart in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

People have become more discerning and appreciate the fact that Gelato is healthier than Ice Cream.

Yes, Gelato is only an Italian word for Ice Cream, but those of you who have tasted this amazing frozen dessert will know that there is a huge difference between the two; especially in the way milk and cream are churned.

What’s the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream?

We have discussed that in detail in this article. Basically, Gelato contains more milk and less cream, which allows it to freeze at a lower temperature compared to ice cream.


Gelato is lighter, cooler and more refreshing and is churned slower than ice cream. In fact, the slow churning is important as it makes gelato denser and gives it an intense flavour without the addition of extra sugar.


Gelato has a shorter shelf life because it contains less air compared to ice cream. That’s why Gelato is prepared in much smaller batches. You don’t have large food companies making Gelato the way they make Ice Cream for this reason.  

Gelato carts like our own Haley are hugely popular in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We get invited to birthday parties, weddings, promotional events, corporate events, school fetes, university open days, festivals, markets, grand openings and more where we set up our ice cream stands.

We love pedalling joy across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane one scoop at a time – dealing exclusively in smiles is a wonderful feeling. That’s probably the biggest reason we are in this business (and so we could have an endless supply of freshly made Gelato :)

But we are not exaggerating when we say that Gelato could take Ice cream’s position at the top – not just in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, but across Australia and even in the United States, the UK and New Zealand.

“Gelato” is one of the most searched words on Google these days. People love that you can prepare so many flavours with Gelato (Have a look at some of our delicious Gelato flavours here).

The quality of Gelato has improved by quite a lot in recent years, not only because people have become more conscious, but also because Gelato has become mainstream and the competition is so high that anything less than perfect is inexcusable.

But what’s the biggest reason for the recent rise in popularity of Gelato?

One word: Millennial's.

Millennial's are the biggest supporters of Gelato. They love this frozen treat as it’s clean, has no artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals and has very little milkfat. Gelato is not as calorie rich as ice cream – it is not only tastier, but also healthier, and arguably sexier. What’s not to like!

Something Sweet Gelato is the best Gelato Cart Service in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We would be thrilled to be a part of your celebration. Whether you need an ice cream cart for a wedding, private function, school fete, corporate or promotional event. Whatever the occasion gelato always makes it more fun. Check out our Gelato Packages for the details on the pricing.

Click here to get in touch if you have any questions about our gelato or ice cream cart hire, we’d love to hear from you. Or if you would like to talk to us right now, call us at 0415 927 623 or send an email to


We look forward to bringing you Something Sweet!

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